male vs female ferret

Some people may find it interesting to learn that male and female ferrets act differently, even when they were spayed/neutered at a young age. Some people find that ferrets are better able to bond with a member of the opposite sex. Generally, male ferrets are more cuddly and female ferrets are more active. It’s important to remember that every ferret is individual and while most males are more cuddly, you may still find one that simply doesn’t enjoy cuddling.

Differences Between Male and Female Ferrets

Ferrets are generally docile animals and are not prone to biting. However, with young and un-spayed females, some female ferrets will put on a show of aggression when they are feeling vulnerable or stressed. With proper training and of course after your female is fixed, she will be no more prone to biting than a male. Females also enjoy more play time and will enjoy the company of other ferrets more than a male necessarily might. Males in general are less nippy and less playful. They enjoy more time spent lounging with their humans. Keep in mind that these are just generalizations of the gender and your ferret will have their own traits and preferences.

Different Cuddliness

Here are a few possible ways that male and female ferrets act differently in regard to lounging and affection:

If your ferrets are allowed outside of the cage long enough for them to no longer want to play and instead it becomes nap time, males will much prefer napping in your lap or around your shoulders. Females are more likely to want to sleep in an enclosed area where you won’t be able to reach them – they prefer their space while they are sleeping.

While they are awake however, female ferrets would much rather play with you.

Why Female Ferrets Tend to be More Active

Female ferrets are naturally active and love to explore and play. Female ferrets often get bored and are more likely to explore when they have the chance. They need toys and things to roll around in. Females will require more stimulating environments – they will not be satisfied if they are forced to sleep from boredom. You will want to have a large play yard or enclosure. They also need more stimulation from humans and other ferrets. If they don’t have enough stimulation they can experience lack of energy, lethargy, and even depression. Female ferrets are also more apt to chew on their cages or clothing.

Why Male Ferrets are More Cuddly

Generally, male ferrets have less energy. Your male will spend less time playing with you or other ferrets and may instead sleep through play time. However your male still loves spending time with you. While they may not have the energy needed to play with you for the duration of play time, if you make yourself calm and still, they will be more likely to curl in your lap in order to show their love. Both male and female ferrets form strong bonds with their humans – they just show them in different ways.

Should You Get a Male Ferret or a Female Ferret?

Keep in mind that every difference you hear between a male ferret and a female ferret is simply a generalization. Some people might say that female humans are more caring while male humans are more ambitious, but these are generalizations that don’t mean much to the individual. Just like humans, your ferret will be unique. You should decide your ferret based on how you bond with them when first meeting them. Gender should only be a deciding factor if you have no other way to choose.


If you’re thinking about getting a ferret, it’s a great idea to learn as much as you can about what you’re getting into. Take the time to do research and find out all of the information you can so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for you. As always, keep in mind that your ferret will be a unique individual and you shouldn’t make assumptions on what they will act like or prefer before you meet and bond with them.