Guinea Pig Noises

Guinea pigs may seem like quiet, passive animals that you can’t really interact with. But if you ask the owners of these tiny furry creatures, there is much more to them than meets the eye. In fact, guinea pigs are quite social and may use various noises to express themselves! If you want to understand your pet, you need to learn the language of guinea pig noises — and we are here to teach you just that!


When you first hear your guinea pig produce a high-pitched squeal or a whistle, you may be a little alarmed. You might even think that something’s wrong! But don’t worry — that’s how guinea pigs express excitement. Usually, you’ll hear this sound when it’s playtime or feeding time, two of the guinea pigs’ favorite activities!


When someone says purring, the first thing you’ll usually think of is a cat. But as it happens, guinea pigs are full of surprises, so they can purr too! Just like with cats, purrs can mean different things depending on their length and pitch.


Long Haired Guinea Pig

For instance, if your guinea pig is purring deeply and sounds relaxed, it’s probably feeling content. On the other hand, a high-pitched purr may mean that your furry friend is annoyed with something. And if the purrs are short and choppy, something might have scared your pet. In that case, you might want to look around for the cause of its fear.


As you can probably guess on your own, hissing is never a sign of happiness and friendliness. On the contrary, it usually means that your guinea pig is aggressive or angry. Another telltale sign of anger is bared teeth. So if you see these two together, your guinea pig definitely isn’t in the mood to talk!



Guinea pigs make chirping noises fairly rarely, which is why we still aren’t sure what they mean. Usually, the guinea pig is in a trance-like state when it makes this bird-like noise. Some people claim that chirping is common in guinea pigs that lost their mates, but there’s no certain conclusion yet.


Guinea Pig Popcorn

You probably won’t hear this sound if you have only one guinea pig — but it’s fairly common if you have a few. Guinea pigs coo at each other to communicate reassurance. Most commonly, you’ll hear a mother guinea pig cooing to her young.


When someone whines in the human world, it usually means they are complaining about something. Surprisingly, guinea pigs aren’t much different — you might hear them whine if you, or another guinea pig, do something that they don’t like. Basically, your pet is trying to tell you that you’re being annoying and should back off!

In Conclusion

And there you have it — next time you hear those strange guinea pig noises, they won’t be such a mystery anymore! In fact, you’ll know when to leave your pet alone, when to check on it, and what makes it excited. That way, the communication between the two of you will be smoother than ever!